Ricardo Barrios

Рикардо БарриосRicardo Barrios – dancer, teacher, choreographer, director and actor. In 1985 he graduated from National School of Dramatic Art and since that day he has been performing in theaters across the Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia. Ricardo took up tango in 1988 and his primary teachers were Juan Bruno, Miguel Balmaceda, Antonio Todaro, Oscar Kazal and Domingo Pugliese.
He took part in Miguel Angelo Zotto’s “Tango x 2”, was an art director of Mora Godoy’s “Tango Emocion”, worked as an actor, performer and choreographer of “Tanguerra” and Astor Piazzola’s “Maria de Buenos Aires”.
Ricardo Barrios has been working with Laura Melo since 2002, they were maestros of many festivals, seminars and shows worldwide.