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Ricardo Barrios

Рикардо БарриосRicardo Barrios – dancer, teacher, choreographer, director and actor. In 1985 he graduated from National School of Dramatic Art and since that day he has been performing in theaters across the Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia. Ricardo took up tango in 1988 and his primary teachers were Juan Bruno, Miguel Balmaceda, Antonio Todaro, Oscar Kazal and Domingo Pugliese.
He took part in Miguel Angelo Zotto’s “Tango x 2”, was an art director of Mora Godoy’s “Tango Emocion”, worked as an actor, performer and choreographer of “Tanguerra” and Astor Piazzola’s “Maria de Buenos Aires”.
Ricardo Barrios has been working with Laura Melo since 2002, they were maestros of many festivals, seminars and shows worldwide.


Maria y Carlos RivarolaThere is no need to introduce Maria and Carlos Rivarola as thery are known and loved not only in Russia but worldwide!
They are a legend, a whole age of Argentine tango. Their life is inseparable from not only dancing but also with the history of their home country. Heights and glories of Argentina and tango, oblivion and renascence – all of it is the part of their lives, lives of great teachers, magnificent performers and wonderful people – Maria and Carlos Rivarola!




Dear friends!

We welcome you to Milonga GRANDE “NEGRO-BLANCO” with Maestros show on April, 30th.
Charming DJ – Olga Agapova, truly passionate about Argentina and authentic Buenos Aires milongas where she mastered the art of sense of the dancefloor and building tandas. Olga understands the music of tango, its traditions and unique language, constantly raising her DJ skills and searching for unique recordings to expand her repertoire. She is known and loved among the international tango community – an inspiring and dedicated DJ.
The pearl of “NEGRO-BLANCO” – Elina Roldan and Brenno & Eva show. Elina Roldan is one of the most famous and respected milongueras in the world of tango, and Brenno & Eva – young and talented couple, the rising stars of modern generation of tango dancers.
Milonga GRANDE “NEGRO-BLANCO” will take place in spacious and gorgeous Emerald Hall of the hotel Malachit.
Dress-code: black & white.

Milonga GRANDE “ROSA ROJA” with PASIONAL orchestra and Festival Maestros Show that will take place on April, 29th. Our special guests and performing maestros are Graciela Gonzalez and Leonardo Sardella.
Milonga DJ – Daniel Tuero from Argentina, dancer, tango teacher and famous tango DJ. Daniel has been djing on milongas all around the Globe – from United States to Australia. Every time he comes back to Buenos Aires, Daniel brings joy and cretes this very special atmosphere on the dance floors of the most famous milongas – El Motivo, Viva La Pepa, Practica DNI and many others. Daniel specifically mentiones Moscow as one of his favorite places as he likes to visit and watch russian tango community grow.
PASIONAL orchestra is well-known beyond Russia. All the musicians are graduates of the best Russian musical colleges and universities. They perform in the best dancing halls, tango festivals and milongas not only in Russia but worldwide, famous dancers perform their shows with Pasional’s accompaniment.
The pearl of the night will be our maestros show!
Milonga GRANDE “ROSA ROJA” will take place in one of the most beautiful places of the city of Chelyabinsk – gorgeus hall of the cinema named after Alexander Pushkin. Th building itself is an architecural monument built in the beginning of the 20th century. The hall is in classical style with high columns and large dance floor full of light and air.
Dress code: red and pink.

Visit La Vida del Tango 2017 and bring your friends with you!