Lessons schedule

Date/time Graciela Gonzalez Virginia and Christian Mariela and Guillermo
02.05.2019 12:30-14:00 Workshop #1. Breaking down structures. “How to” and “what for”? Workshop #2. Switching from close to open embrace in vertical axis. (All levels) _______
02.05.2019 14:20-15:50 Workshop #3. Boleos, ganchos and barridas. Methodical things. _______ Workshop #4. Dancing feeling free and convenient. (Intermediates and advanced levels)
02.05.2019 16:30-18:00 _______ Workshop #5. Harmonical and energetic movement. (Intermediates and advanced levels) Workshop #6. Circular movements and centrifuge effect (Advanced level)
03.05.2019 12:30-14:00 _______ Workshop #7. Changing the movement speed without losing harmony in pair. Excercises. Workshop #8. Embrace variations (front and rear).
03.05.2019 14:20-15:50 Workshop #9. Giros’ mechanics. Leading and following. (Intermediates and daring beginners) Workshop #10. Old-fashioned figures and combinations. Incorporating the legacy of old milongueros. _______
03.05.2019 16:30-18:00 Workshop #11. Energy of the intention. How to create, lead and follow. (Beginners and intermediates) _______ Workshop #12. Milonga. Simple steps and pleasure in dance.
04.05.2019 12:30-14:00 Workshop #13. Boleo. Not as easy as it may seem. (Intermediates) _______ Workshop #14. How to change the dynamics of the dance. Transition from slow and fluid movements to fast and volcanic.
04.05.2019 14:20-15:50 _______ Workshop #15. Giro, el lapiz and enrosque. (Daring intermediates and advanced levels) Workshop #16. Structures and combinations of steps. Structures as base for playing and imporvising.
04.09.2018 16:30-18:00 Workshop #17. Milonga. (Intermediates) Workshop #18. Waltz. Musicality excercises and waltz steps. (Intermediates and advanced levels) _______

La Vida Musica Y Tango