Elina Roldan

Elina Roldan Elina Roldan is one of the most famous and respected female dancers in argentine tango community, both “old school” and modern generation of tangueros praise her. Years and years of practice have made her a true professional.

“Every night for more than 10 years I have been dancing with the best milongueros of the “golden age”: Él Tano Guillermo, El Flaco Dany, Tomy o’Conel, Ricarditto Suárez, Pupi Castello… I have been learning tango by dancing on milongas”.

She is teaching tango in not only Argentina but also all around the Globe. During her career Elina had participated in various shows and plays with famous dancers in Uruguay, Chile, England, USA, Holland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and Austria.

Elina had studied both classical and contemporary dance, folklore, pantomime and flamenco, which makes her truly professional and skilled dancer and teacher. She participated in fashion shows, photo shoots, various TV projects, theater and movie acts, was in a jury of famous tango festivals and competitions.

Among those who inspired her were the true legends of tango: Pepito Avejaneda, Pupi Castello, Tete y Maria, Ricardo Gretta, Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzalez, María Villalobos.

Her strong sides as a teacher are the intuition and keen observation, accurate and specific definitions in combination with her vast experience as a dancer.

Classes with Elina are never a waste of time!