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Analia & Marcelo

Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela have been dancing together for almost 20 years while at the same time staying open-minded to the novelties in the world of dancing and strictly following their own ideas. Today they teach Argentine tango all over the World and hold musicality and folklore workshops.

For many of us, tango began with them.

Graciela Gonzalez

Грасиела Гонсалес

The most famous women techniques teacher, she is the first tango teacher ever to create a specialized course for female dancers. Before that women in Buenos Aires had been taught tango only on milongas or assisted male maestros during their classes. She began to dance back in 1988, her teachers were the legends of tango: Pupi Castello, Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Gustavo Naveira, Juan Bruno, Tete, Nito& Elba and many others.

Graciela has worked with Pupi for more than 20 years and even though he is not with us anymore, his spirit is always present during Graciela’s classes as she constantly resorts to his methods, mentions his recommendations and dancing tricks, shares his very secrets about tango steps and techniques.

Her method of teaching tango is truly innovative! Many years of learning the body language and analyzing people’s feelings while dancing on milongas resulted in a teaching method that utilizes perception and muscle memory and how to give lightness to the body which is later transformed into pure technique. Using this method any dancer can create his or her very own unique dancing style.

Graciela is considered to be one of the most inspiring figures among the contemporary tango dancers’ generation. She is the author of internationally recognized “Women’s Techniques” (1994) and “Men as Leaders” (1995) seminars. In 2006 she presented a new course called “Old Maestro’s Legacy”.

Back in 1997 she gathered the first group of tango teachers (Grupo de profesores) from Argentina, Israel, Brazil, Germany and Italy to help spread the word about and popularize Argentine Tango and promote her methods of teaching.

Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela

Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela

Analia Vega and Marcelo Varela have been dancing together for more than 15 years and still they combine staying devoted to their original ideas with being open-minded to the world of dancing. Today they instruct people in tango all around the globe, hold Argentine Tango and folklore workshops and teach how to dance and enjoy the movement and cooperation in a pair, and they are totally serious about that! For them, technique is a very important part of dancing and yet they believe that after you have learnt the rules it is time to break them — nothing should hold you back from perfection!

German Ballejo and Irina Petrichenko

German Ballejo and Irina Petrichenko Irina Petrichenko has been teaching tango since 2000. The author of well-known “Milonga”, “Musicality and dynamic in tango” and “Close embrace” workshops, with her classes she inspired Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Saratov, Ufa, Kiev, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and of course Chelyabinsk tango communities. Not only in Russia but also in Argentina Irina is a respected maestra and a worldwide tango celebrity.

German Ballejo is one of the very best modern tango salon dancers from Buenos Aires. He learned from the best Argentine Tango maestros and took what is considered to be the essence of their techniques. German’s unique style is a mix of old lore and his fresh ideas. He is a permanent resident of Tempotango Show in Ignacio Gonazalez Cano Theater and Pasion de Tango Show in Borjes Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires. In 2015 German became the 3rd in Tangopista Competition for his performance with Magdalena Guttierez.