Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez


Los Totis
Technicaly brilliant, magnificient, virtuosi – the Los Totis!
Virginia and Christian have been dancing together since 1996. They are the students of some legendary tango masters: Toto Pedro Faraldo, Mingo y Esther Pugliese, Jorge Raul Bravo (Raul – the living tango legend, often referred to as Maestro de Maestros).
1997 was the year of their first stage appearance in various shows organized by famous dancers and choreographers such as Gellermina Giroga, Milena Plebs and Roberto Reis. The list of the shows the took part in includes “Los tangos de la Cabala”, «Piazzolla Tango”, “Copes Tango Copes”, “O’Tango”, “Corporacion Tangos” and many others.
Virginia and Christian not only perform at various tango festivals in Europe, Asia and the Americas but also give workshops for students. Their technical brilliance and passion towards tango combined with many years of experience in dancing and teaching help Virginia and Christian transfer their mastery to all who seek knowledge.
Driven by passion to dance, Virginia and Christian have built on of the most close and mature tango couples with their own unique flavor. Aesthetic, elegant and technically impeccable, their style is what is called an essence of tango.
We are truly happy that Virginia and Christian are among our Festival’s maestors!

Group workshops with Virginia and Christian.

For teachers:
Workshop #7. Changing the movement speed without losing harmony in pair. Excercises.
Workshop #10. Old-fashioned figures and combinations. Incorporating the legacy of old milongueros.

For students:
Workshop #2. Switching from close to open embrace in vertical axis. (All levels)
Workshop #5. Harmonical and energetic movement. (Intermediates and advanced levels)
Workshop #15. Giro, el lapiz and enrosque. (Daring intermediates and advanced levels)
Workshop #18. Waltz. Musicality excercises and waltz steps. (Intermediates and advanced levels)

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