Milena Plebs

Milena Plebs

It’s time to announce our maestros!

Milena Plebs’s unique combination of highly professional choreography and old milongueros-style social tango makes her a real gem. Tango choreographer, professional dancer and performer in “Grupo de Danza Contemporanea del Teatro San Martin de Buenos Aires” (1980-1986), Milena Plebs was among those who gave Argentine tango a new life with Claudio Segovia y Hector Orezzoli’s «Tango Argentino» show.

As a choreographer she worked on the following acts:

  • «Tango X 2» (1990)
  • «Perfumes de Tango» (1993)
  • «Una Noche de Tango» (1996)
  • «Maria de Buenos Aires, para Houston Grand Opera» (1991)
  • «Romance de Barrio» Buenos Aires (1999)
  • Pablo Ziegler Stavanger shows
  • Noruega, (2001)
  • «Piazzolla Tango» Centre in Buenos Aires (2003)
  • «Sintonias» (2008), 1st Rojas Danza festival, Buenos Aires
  • «Milena baila el tango… con Ezequiel Farfaro» documentary (2005) by Rodrigo Peiretti C.
  • «Tramatango» Show (2009/2010), real tango show premiered in Teatro Presidente Alvear in Buenos Aires
  • «La voz de tus zapatos» (2011). Choreography by Milena Plebs inspired by Alberto Ruy Sanchez’s story, directed by Alejandro Servera

For many years Milena worked in «El Tangauta» magazine as a tango columnist. Fascinated by the evolution of tango she kept sharing her thoughts and findings in her magazine articles, interviews and videos. Milena Plebs is an honorary academician of Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina.

It is a real honor for us to welcome Milena in Chelyabinsk at Festivalito!

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