Guillermo Barrionuevo & Mariela Sametband


El Peque and Mariela
Guillermo Barrionuevo and Mariela Sametband – beautiful, vivid and charismatic pair!

Their workshops are never boring, their shows are fiery, their exprience as dancers and teachers is priceless.
Mariela Sametband and Guillermo “El Peque” Barrionuevo are one of the most noticeable among the new generation of tango dancers. Their shows and workshops are both technical and emotional, incorporating the best practices and tricks.
Mariela and Guillermo have been dancing together since 2014.
Guillermo was born in Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina, he took up dancing in 1997. He is considered to be part of the new generation of young dancers of Buenos Aires.
He was taught by the best of both “old school” and “new wave” of tango dancers: Gustavo Naveira, Julio Balmaseda and Graciela Gonzalez. During his early career he assisted to various tango celebrities like Eduardo Pareja, Nito and Elba Garcia, Julio Balmaseda.
Mariela comes from Buenos Aires, her path to tango was a particular journey as she has a background in classic, contemporary, tap, jazz and musical comedy. Since 2001 she has been dancing in “Tanguera”, “No Bailarás”, “Living” и “El sueño de la piba” shows.
In 2019 Mariela and Guillermo will visit our Festival for the first time and we are so happy about it!

Group workshops with Mariela and Guillermo

For teachers:
Workshop #14. How to change the dynamics of the dance. Transition from slow and fluid movements to fast and volcanic.
Workshop #16. Structures and combinations of steps. Structures as base for playing and imporvising.

For students:
Workshop #4. Dancing feeling free and convenient. (Intermediates and advanced levels)
Workshop #6. Circular movements and centrifuge effect (Advanced level)
Workshop #8. Embrace variations (front and rear).
Workshop #12. Milonga. Simple steps and pleasure in dance.

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