Graciela Gonzalez


Graciela Gonzalez – the Godmother of the Festival.
Graciela — formerly professional schoolteacher — comes from a generation of youth who were lucky to witness and learn from the “old school” milongueros. Having learnt from the great dancers, she dedicated herself to studying the complicated mix of steps, figures and movements and compiling a dictionary of words that could express the emotions and describe feelings of women led by men. Because before that, women used to dance by following their intuition, sometimes by the light of nature creating a unique technique. Graciela is famous for her ability to incorporate fresh ideas and techniques into the conservative and elegant classical Tango Salon. She is an author of well-known seminars “Women’s techniques” (1994), “Leading for men” (1995) and worldwide renowned “Antitechnica” (2017).
The way she teaches tango is truly innovative and effective; Graciela is always open to new ideas and manners, she easily incorporates fresh exercises into her course. Her classes for tango teachers evoked a ready response from the audience and proved to be effective as they helped many to improve their own teaching.

Group workshops with Graciela:

Workshop #1. Breaking down structures. “How to” and “what for”?
Workshop #3. Boleos, ganchos and barridas. Methodical things.

Workshop #9. Giros’ mechanics. Leading and following. (Intermediates and daring beginners)
Workshop #11. Energy of the intention. How to create, lead and follow. (Beginners and intermediates)
Workshop #13. Boleo. Not as easy as it may seem. (Intermediates)
Workshop #17. Milonga. (Intermediates)

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