Demoliendo Tangos Orchestra

Demoliendo Tangos Orchestra

Demoliendo Tangos Orchestra

The Demoliendo Tangos duo was formed in 1999 in Paris. In 2001 they released their first album “Demoliendo tangos”. The duo is a welcome guest in Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina and all around the world. In 2003 they created the “Tangoservicio Tararira” show along with their other works for television and radio. Their next album “Carne Argenta” was released in 2004. Since the release of their first album and up until 2007 they toured across Europe performing in Italy, France, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

Federico Mizrahi — Demoliendo Tangos founder, pianist, arranger, composer, producer and musical director. He holds many awards and prizes for his work in musical comedy theater. He is a musical director of the “Sarpado tango” (2006) programme, author of many scores for famous movies.

Luis Longhi — unique bandoneonist, universal actor working on television and in theatre, writer. As a theatrical actor he performed in “Tres mañanas”, “Las alegres mujeres de Shakespeare”, “El romance del Romeo y la Julieta”,”La tempestad”, “Rey Lear”, “Maratsade”, “Pepino el 88”, “Un amor de tango”. As a television actor he appeared in “Tato, la letenda continua”, “Como pan caliente”, “Cosecharás tu siembra”, “Buenos vecinos”, “Hospital público” and also in Juan Jose Campanella’s “Luna de Avellaneda”. As a writer he published “Cabareteras. Registros de Santiago Solís” and “El Pulpo, o la muerte del tango” novels. He also potrays “el Licenciado Eugenio Rataplán” in “La conferencia del tango” humorous play.

Demoliendo Tangos talented poetic performances are full of humour, rhythm and kindle folklore. After seeing them live it is impossible to resist the desire to see and hear them again and again.


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