Dear friends!

The city of Chelyabinsk is gathering tango lovers from all around the world for the 2nd annual International Tango Festival “La Vida del Tango” — with classes for tango teachers. The festival welcomes all those who are passionate about tango: people from different cities, regions and countries, tango teachers and school owners, enthusiasts and professionals.

“Godmother” of “La Vida del Tango” — the famous Graciela Gonzalez — one of the most significant and recognizable persons in modern tango community.

During the four days of the festival you can familiarize yourself with the dance culture of Argentina, visit seminars and classes, discuss various aspects of tango with your friends and fellow dancers, get acquainted with people from Chelyabinsk tango community, dance on milongas, make new friends, discuss ideas and share emotions.

The idea of “La Vida del Tango” is to gather under the same roof teachers and students to raise their level of teaching and dancing tango. Graciela and festival Maestros are those who teach tango accroding to the traditions of old milongueros but with their own unique flavour.

“La Vida del Tango 2017” maestros:

Festival schedule:
Intense classes for tango teachers and dancers
Master-classes with maestros
Private classes
The Maestros Show

We welcome all who love or would love to know the beautiful and passionate dance – Argentine Tango!

La Vida Musica Y Tango