La Vida Del Tango 2021

Dear friends!
We are happy to announce the 5th annual La Vida del Tango Festival!

But first, let us speak about the changes the festival is going to go through as we, the organisers, keep reflecting upon your feedback and our own experience of previous festivals.
Worry not as we are still love tango to the bottom of our hearts and strongly believe that our vision of the festival as cozy and warm space for all those who share the passion stays the same. Yet we think that some aspects of the festival should change to reflect the needs of all of us. Thus we are happy to present you the Festivalito! 4 days of fiery fun and tango: top notch classes, maestros from all over the world, milongas and surprises! For those of you who really want it, for those of you who are really driven by passion and feel the need to open your hearts to sincere tango!

The Festivalito offers:

  • 5 group classes from widely known Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez and from spectacular Milena Plebs
  • «My first tango class» with all maestros
  • 2 classes for teachers from each of the maestros
  • Day milongas (Good sound and dance floor included! And don’t forget the DJs!)
  • Night milongas with maestros and festival guests with their shows
  • Musicality and DJ’ing seminar with Giuseppe Clemente
  • Special practice class to work on new material from maestros

With festivalito format we aim to make the event more compact and cozy, with accent on taking care of each participant and dancer.

Detailed Festivalito La Vida del Tango schedule will be announced soon!

As we continue to work on making Festivalito a truly memorable experience, those who is accustomed to meet the beginning of May in Chelyabinsk and those who are yet to experience it, please mark 1-4th of May in your calendars, book your flights and trains, gather your friends and see you at La Vida del Tango!

Please help us to spread the word by sharing information about Festivalito with your friends and followers!

La Vida Musica Y Tango