Regsitration terms & conditions

  1. Register for the Festival by filling the registration form
  2. Each of the participants fills registration form for themselves. You cannot register your partner just by including their name in the appropriate field of the form.
  3. Your registration is accepted only if you receive a confirmation email from Festival administration in 3 days. Your registration number and payment amount will be sent to you in aforementioned email.
  4. We ask you to fill registration form carefully and correctly (contact information included) as Festival administration may reject your application. Each consequent application cancels the preceding one. In case you want to change classes or register for additional ones, please contact Festival administration by email.
  5. We strive to make festival experience pleasant for everyone. Please keep in mind that we limit the number of applications in accordnace with dance halls capacity. Your application for any class may be rejected if class limit is reached. We will place your application in waiting list and it will be processed in orderly fashion if any of the registered applications is canceled.
  6. Teachers classes are eligible for registration only for active tango schools teachers and not less for than 4 classes package.
  7. Festival administration makes sure the amount of leaders and followers is even among those who paid the registration fee prior to March, 15th.
  8. Your registration is completed only after the fee is fully paid. The amount stated in confirmation email is valid for 10 work days since the confirmation date. Festival administration may reject your application if payment confirmation is not received within the appropriate period. Registration fee is subject to change according to the pricing schedule, so please be careful and pay as soon as you receive the confirmation email. Please keep in mind that prices are subject to change on February, 1st and all payments after the date should be made in accordance with new prices.
  9. After full payment participants receive their own schedule leaflet and milonga passes which may not be transferred to another person.
  10. Private classes should be pre-paid (50%) in selected currency. Festival administration may reject your application (all payments will be refunded) or change the date, time or location of the class according to maestor’s schedule. There are no refunds if the participant cancels the class.
  11. Refund rules:
    Prior to March, 1st 2019: 90% refund
    March, 1st – April, 1st 2019: 50% refund
    After April, 1st 2019 – NO REFUNDS. The paricipant may transfer their package to another person – Festival administration notification is required!
  12. No refunds for single milonga passes.
  13. No registration is required for milonga packages. Passes available upon entrance.
  14. Your application for registration indicates that you read and accept the terms and conditions of Festival registration.

We are happy to help you with registration and answerr all of your questions!

La Vida Del Tango