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Дата/время Elina Roldan Brenno and Eva Graciela and Leo
Дата/время Elina Roldan Brenno and Eva Graciela and Leo
29.04.2017 12:30-14:00 #1 (for teachers). Circulation in ronda. What you should know and teach your students about respectful and safe dancing on milongas. #2 (for students). Waltz: cadence and musicality (all levels)
29.04.2017 14:20-15:50 #3 (for teachers). Milonga Lisa and Traspie. The difference in leading and following. #4 (for students). Various salidas. Variations on base salida. (all levels)
29.04.2017 16:30-18:00 #5 (for students). Linear and circular movements. Techniques and sequences. (Intermediate and advanced levels) #6 (for students). Barridas: techniques and combinations.(Intermediate and advanced levels)
30.04.2017 12:30-14:00 #7 (for students) Musicality in tango. How we utilize our body to interpret music we hear. (all levels) #8 (for teachers) Dancing in pairs, how to build technique, important aspects of dancing tango in pairs.
30.04.2017 14:20-15:50 #9 (for students) Milonga Lisa and Traspie. (all levels) #10 (for teachers) Creating our own steps combinations. How to teach to search and build student’s own style.
30.04.2017 16:30-18:00 #11 (for students) Enrosques for leaders and giros for followers. (Intermediate and advanced levels) #12 (for students) Boleo. Energy flow based on the leading. (Intermediate and advanced levels)
01.05.2017 12:30-14:00 #13 (for students) Peculiarities of dancing to Osvaldo Pugliese’s orchestra. Various salidas. (Intermediate and advanced levels) #14 (for students) Precision and level of intention in leading. Leveling the intension. (All levels)
01.05.2017 14:20-15:50 #15 (for teachers) Steps: form and contents. How to balance between the form and contents while teaching combinations. How not to lose interest and still enjoy learning difficult combinations. #16 (for students) Dancing the pauses. How to fill the pause, how not to stop but continue dancing during the pause? (all levels)
01.05.2017 16:30-18:00 #17 (for students) What do you know about the embrace? How you understand the connection in pair? (All levels) #18 (for teachers) Musicality. How to teach students dance to the music, theoretical and practical exercises for musicality classes based on students level and course length.

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